June 20, 2011

Cooking + Moving Forward

This weekend we said goodbye to my grandfather, celebrating him as best we could and gathering together to bind our grief and memories together. It was hard. As my friend Camby said about losing her grandmother several years ago, "I still miss her today." I know we will.

Our emotional weekend sadly did not end without incident. On his was home from a bike ride last night, Anthony came across a pack of dogs on the bike trail. Five young black lab mix dogs, clearly siblings, without collars.

We fed them treats and kept them calm while waiting two hours for animal control to come pick them up. By 10 p.m., animal control called to say they wouldn't be able to come get them. Ultimately a young officer came and we loaded all five tired dogs into the back of his cruiser.

They were clearly trained and responded exceedingly well to praise. They were worn out and for the last hour or so, I had five wet, hungry abandoned pooches sleeping comfortably around or on me. I can't begin to imagine what would possess someone to dump these dogs. Seriously people, unless you are running a puppy mill (possible) or some type of illegal operation of another kind, how hard would it be to drop them at the animal rescue league? We think they were left inside the gate of a budget storage rental and managed to get out. Needless to say, I wanted to take them all home with me. They were young and very sweet, I have to believe they'll be adopted and have great lives.

On the moving on front, I'm finally feeling well enough to start cooking. Lyme disease + lack of interest or desire means I haven't been cooking at all lately. On the menu for this weekend: homemade Chipotle bowls, pasta with basil and sun dried tomatoes and an orange pound cake I'm freezing for the weekend of the 4th.

I went to check on the garden and some kind of bug has been munching on our basil. Any ideas for warding off predators?

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Jennifer said...

Two things:
1. How terrible that those dogs were dumped. Kudos to Anthony and you for seeing them to safety.
2. I made the Chipotle burrito bowls last night! They were delicious.