June 15, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration

Over the last few weeks I've found very unexpected inspiration from Shania Twain's show (which just ended) Why Not?

While I certainly know plenty of her songs, I wouldn't call myself a big fan. But, after she was on Oprah talking about the show and the journey it took her on, I thought, why not? Extreme poverty, abusive stepfather who she made a lot of excuses for, parents killed before age 20, big success, isolation and betrayal by her husband and best friend, whew!

Before I watched the show, I read an review in Entertainment Weekly. The reviewer thought the premise of the show, Shania visiting with people across Canada and the US who had experienced similar tragedies and grief, plus confronting her fears, shined a little too bright of a light on the people she visited. Essentially holding them up for ridicule/showing their pain, but without delivering her own personal story at the same time.

Eh, maybe a little bit in the beginning. Its hard for strong people to let go. Its hard to be honest and vulnerable. Had the reviewer watched the whole show, I think they would have seen something different. Holding a mirror up to someone else's pain is bound to reflect upon you eventually.

So here's what I found interesting. Very rarely are people in the public eye truly introspective. They may tell stories and anecdotes, but opening up for real doesn't happen too often. The only way I know how to be a better me is to reflect on the things/people/actions/moments that have moved me forward in life. To see someone going through that process openly, and addressing how she has made changes or recognized how an experience shaped her life was inspiring.

As a creative person, watching her struggle to confront and beat the emotional chains physically keeping her from singing was a reminder. While I may be happy enough in my career and some creative outlets, I wouldn't say I'm fully expressing myself or even really taking care of that need. 

Another time of year, other things going on, I may not have been so inspired. But, I think its worth a watch. And I don't think there's much on Oprah's new network, so I'm sure the reruns will be easy enough to catch.

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