July 10, 2011

Just Do It: Riding for Multiple Sclerosis

What did growing up in my household have in common with Nike's slogan? One of the main tenets of our family: just do it.

A motto, a creed, a way of life if you will. Quit your bellyaching and excuses and just do it, whatever it is. Both of my parents are skilled and adept at doing and getting what they want. My mother especially is a fixer. Some thing isn't working or feeling quite right? Figure it out. Isolate the problem, make a plan and then make it better. Just do it.

So, while she can't fix multiple sclerosis or the fact that she has it, she can fight it with diet, exercise and raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Support the cause
As a family, we are being part of the solution by riding in the Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride on September 10 & 11 in Columbia, Missouri. And that's where we need your help. We need our family and friends to be part of the solution by sponsoring this ride and (Riders, ha!)

Donating is really easy. You can do it online. Or email me @ aercarroll at gmail dot com for a mailing address if you want to send a check. And, its tax-deductible.

Multiple Sclerosis is a nasty disease with no cure. Please help us find one.

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Anonymous said...

Count me in, Amanda!