December 7, 2011

Food Sharing With Friends

Blerg! I'm having a terrible time uploading images in Picasa. So this, will have to be a pictureless one.

This past Sunday I did something I've been wanting to try for awhile: food sharing (I'm sure there's a better word, no?) I made a double batch of lasagna sauce, a pot of this rosemary white bean soup and some tomato white bean soup to eat that night. Laura made chicken tortilla soup and Jennifer brought black bean soup with bacon in it.

While I was making the tomato white bean soup, Jennifer and Laura assembled 5 dishes of lasagna for each of us to freeze for later. Then we dished up the different soups in lunch size containers and freezer bags for later. I made one lasagna this week for dinner, but know I have three bags of soup and two frozen lasagnas in the freezer for later in making me super happy.

And there was beaujolais nouveau.

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