December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I really believe this may be the best week of the year. Basking in the glow of post-Christmas cheer, with the promise of a new year just around the corner.

If you take this week off from week, its beyond relaxing. If you go to work (like I am), its quiet and you can tackle piddly projects, clean your office and have some nice long chats with coworkers. Win-win.

This blog got an unexpected hiatus this month when our computer went out of commission. But, I'll be back this week to recap 2011 and more importantly, all the books I read this year.

Speaking of books, I'm thinking real hard about getting a Kindle. I love actual, physical books and don't see myself ever shying away from reading them (or preferring them for that matter), but the practicality of sharing and reading some books on an ereader makes a lot of sense. My book club is kicking off 2012 with the Hunger Games. Seems like a perfect Kindle read, no? The Kindle version is $4.69!

And backing up to talk about this old blog, I've been thinking about it even though I haven't been posting. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks (same company, different area.) While its very similiar to what I do now, its more strategic with some of my current job functions farmed out to contractors and people in other positions. Part of that switch means no more writing. At least, no more writing marketing materials, emails and bylines.

So, I'm contemplating how to channel that desire (NEED) to communicate through words. More here, more elsewhere.

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beartifix said...

You know - I'm still conflicted about switching to e-readers, but am totally starting to lean more toward having one. It helps that it cuts clutter in my home, is more environmentally friendly, portable, and provides access to so many (more affordable) titles at my fingertips. But another part of me is aching for what this means for the traditional concept of a "book". :(