March 2, 2013

Life, Lately

I think its really boring when people say they've been busy. Though this winter has been very busy, its more apropos for me to say I've been living in the moment and moving in constant forward motion. That said, I can't believe its March.

We started the new year in Florida, which I highly suggest. After a few days with family in Ft. Myers, we rented a car and drove down to Key West (we took a catamaran back to Ft. Myers.) I wasn't sure that I understood what the Key West fuss was all about, but a few 80 degree days walking around Duval Street and being out on the water got me up to speed.

View inside the lighthouse. 

We got a great deal on a room at the Southernmost Hotel via Other highlights: Cuban food, Hemingway House tour and the actual drive down through the Keys + the Everglades in a convertible.


I had a crazy start to my February, or at least crazy for someone who likes (NEEDS) down time. I flew to Sacramento for work, then turned right around and went to NYC with my mom. The personal trip was planned, the work one was more last minute. I have so much respect for people who travel for a living. Coast to coast about did me in.

We were in NYC for Nemo (of course.) The only issue it presented were the rolling delays that prevented me from getting home. What's another bed when you haven't slept in your own for a week?

Our NYC trip was very food oriented, with stops at Chelsea Market and Eataly, as well as a Greenwich Village food and culture tour. The food tour was the highlight of the trip for me; 8 stops for authentic New York treats and a history of the neighborhood to boot. We also had success at Uniqlo and wandered through ABC Home and Fish's Eddy. I love NYC. You could have a different trip every time you go, can't wait to go back.

Now I'm happy to be back in Des Moines and looking forward to getting started on some home projects.

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