March 2, 2013

Using Coconut Oil for Beauty Treatments


This winter has been brutal on my skin. Dry, dry, dry. In my constant quest for homeopathic remedies and a real desire not to spend $50 on some expensive serum, I recently turned to the interwebs for a suggestion for my dry cheeks. My poor Scandinavian skin hasn't been able to keep up.

Two suggestions that came up repeatedly were coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I went straight for the coconut oil (which is a solid at room temperature) and haven't looked back. I put it on my cheeks and hands each morning, then put my regular cheap-o Ponds dry skin face lotion everywhere else.


It smells great, traps moisture in and feels good. Several articles suggest using it on your hair, but I've found mine is too fine for that. It does work wonders as a body lotion.

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