January 25, 2010

Pretty Typical January Weekend

January is pretty much the perfect month to organize your house and life. I always get a whole lot of stuff accomplished in the first few months of the year, making up for the fact that we travel and are busy for the rest of the year. This weekend we:

Went to a Beast Feast fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Friday night. It was our second time going and I stuck to what I was comfortable with: wild rice/wild turkey pilaf, and a really delicious wild halibut and salmon dip. I left the bear, antelope and elk dishes for everyone else.

Saturday I ran errands, organized and read this month's book club selection, Olive Kitteridge.

It is a fast read and I like it, even if it is a bit melancholy/are these what we have to look forward to in our golden years?

More organizing on Sunday and time spent with little Mr. Mick. Ena is teaching a few of us from work how to knit and I needed a good place to stash my knitting gear, hence removing the table and ottoman that used to be in the corner and replacing with the bookshelf that was behind Micky's kennel. Rearranging just feels good, no?

Micky has a few ways of communicating. He used to whine a lot when he was ready to get out of his kennel, he doesn't do that as much now that he has mastered the paw. The paw is his was of saying "Pay attention to me. I need you. Pet my belly."

Last night we finally saw Up in the Air. I liked it, even if it was a bit long. For all the hubbub leading up to the movie's release, I thought there would be more to it. Photos from here.

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