October 3, 2012

Recently Read

Such a disappointing run of books as of late.

In late August I burned through three books during the course of a week and a half of jury duty. Looking back, I hope the fact that I was carrying around Lost in Shang-Ri La the day of jury selection isn't the reason I got picked.

I rather enjoyed The Wrong Mother, which was a thriller set in England. Not my normal type of book, but good. I just wish it hadn't ended so abruptly. And without a lot of explanation of some things.

The Danish Girl was odd/interesting. Sad, blue and somewhat true. I really enjoyed the 19th Wife by the same author. This one was sort of queer, pun intended. And, I read a movie is being planned with Nicole Kidman.

Maine popped up on a quite a few 2011 summer reading lists, so I eagerly waited for it from the library and ultimately skipped reading my September book club pick in favor of it. So boring and not interesting. I adore Maine and family politics stories are always intriguing. It was a waste of a concept.

Blood, Bones & Butter was another book with tons of potential. Too bad the author is utterly unlikeable. Some descriptions of food/parties/the feelings of food were great, but she spends huge chunks of time being bitter and unpleasant without a lot of depth. And, poorly edited. Yeesh. Just read the bad reviews on Amazon, which echo my feelings about this book. Sidenote, Gwyneth Paltrow is attached to star in an adaptation.

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